Types of Gutter Services in Marietta GA and Why They’re Important

Gutters are an integral part of your home that allows proper water drainage off of your roof and away from your property. Their importance is sometimes overlooked by homeowners or they simply don’t think they are as important as a roof, for example.

However, a proper gutter system is very important in preventing a number of different damages to your home, which is why we bring you an overview of gutter services, when you need each of them, and why they are important.

Gutter Installation


Installing gutters on your home in Marietta GA is vital for the safety and structural stability of the entire property. Along with the roof, the gutters are integral in preventing leaks, water damage, and structural deterioration of your home.

Therefore, if you don’t have a gutter and downspout system installed, it is high time that you call a gutter specialist and have it installed. With the system in place, all the rainwater as well the melted snow will be directed off of your roof and away from your property.

Without gutters, the water will either pool on the roof or seep down the siding and into other parts of your home. Pooled water on your roof can enter other underlying structures, damage them and your roof, cause leaks, and eventually reach the interior of your home and cause interior water damage, which can result in mold.

Water that is seeping down the siding and that is not directed away from your property will damage the siding, cause rotting of the wooden structures, and lead to leaks. The water may also reach your basement and flood it, as well as the foundations, and damage them. It can cause land erosions around your home as well as topsoil runoff.

These are only a few of the biggest issues that lack of a gutter system may cause to and around your home, both inside and outside of it, which is why installing gutters is a vital home maintenance and improvement task and why gutters are an integral part of your home and roof system in Marietta GA.

On top of the importance of your gutters, they can also provide you with great curb appeal. Gutter systems can now be found in various different styles and color, which means that you can choose one that perfectly matches your own home style and the color of your exterior.


Gutter Repair and Replacement


Properly installed gutters can last for more than 20 to 30 years but not if the homeowner ignores signs that something is wrong with them. One of the biggest indications that a gutter system needs immediate attention, whether it is repair or replacement, is water overflowing.

When the water is pouring over your gutters at certain spots during a hard rain, or even during a lighter rainfall, it is time to call your Marietta gutter contractor as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk developing water damage inside your home and the overflowing water can reach your crawl spaces, the basement, etc.

Once you’ve called your local professional in Marietta GA, they will be able to inspect the gutter system and determine the scope of the damage. Your gutters may simply need some repairs or you may need to replace parts of or the entire gutter system.


Apart from overflowing, some of the most common damages and issues with your gutter system that demands repair or replacement include:

  • Sagging – your gutters will start to pull away from the house or to lean down. The reason for this may simply be a missing piece or a broken part of a gutter, which may require a simple repair, but it can also be a permanent sagging of warping, which usually requires replacement.
  • Poor pitch – all gutters are installed slightly pitched, at a very small imperceptible angle, but which allows the water to flow towards the downspouts. When you notice that the water is starting to pool but your gutters are not clogged, the issue may be with the pitch. Your contractor will be able to determine the issues and conduct proper steps.
  • Leaks – if your roof isn’t damaged and you are experiencing leaks inside your home, your culprit is most probably the gutter system. Leaks may develop through cracks, at joints between sections of the gutter, and other similar places. Your gutter specialist will determine whether the extent of the damage requires a repair or a complete replacement.


Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance


Cleaning your gutters and downspouts regularly is a prerequisite of a well-functioning gutter system. Whether they are old or new, freshly installed or not, they can last you for a long time if they are installed properly as well as if they are regularly maintained.

Professional roofing and gutter contractors in Marietta GA usually advise cleaning your gutters twice a year, every spring and autumn. The gutters should be inspected and cleaned at that time because it is the time just before or after winter and harsh weather.

In autumn, they should be cleaned and inspected so that they are ready to face the coming rains or snow, leaves that will begin to fall, etc. You should call a professional to unclog any clogs that have formed inside and which might prevent water from flowing down.

In spring, your gutters should be cleaned and inspected because winter and cold weather may have damaged them and they may be filled with debris that you couldn’t clean during winter and snow.

Additionally, your contractor may also suggest installing gutter guards and covers, which will prevent debris from falling into the gutters and therefore, reduce the risk of clogging.

When it comes to the process of cleaning the gutters, the first step is usually getting rid of all the debris around the gutters as well as on the roof. If the roof isn’t cleaned thoroughly then that leftover debris will simply fall into the gutters again.

After that follows a thorough cleaning of each gutter by hand and by rinsing them out with water and the final step is flushing out the downspouts and making sure that the flow is good and unobstructed.




Having a proper gutter system in place is integral for the safety and structural stability of your home in Marietta GA. If you maintain that system regularly, have it professionally cleaned and inspected every once in a while, your home will be safe and protected from a number of water damages.

If you experience any issues with your gutters or you want to install a gutter system, call your best gutter company in Marietta GA and they will provide you with the best quality solutions.

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