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There are few things more important to your home’s structural integrity than a solid roof. It’s the first line of defense against the outside elements. The roof keeps both your family and possessions safe from wind, rain, snow and sleet. At Franks Roofing Solution, we provide a wide range of comprehensive services to help you protect, maintain and repair this critical aspect of your home.

Roof Replacements:

When the shingles begin to de-laminate and curl or the leaks become more frequent, it is time to consider a roof replacement. A complete roof replacement is the best way to ensure your structure is protected at all times. Franks Roofing Solution provides quality re-roofing services at an affordable price. Our company has experience installing many of the most popular roofing materials including:

• Asphalt Shingles
• Metal Roofing
• Flat Seam
• Standing Seam

Experience The Difference

The Frank’s "Difference" is the little things  that go into each and every roof installation. From quoting, scheduling the dumpster and installation team, protecting your landscaping, open and honest communication of timelines and setting of expectations, all the way through clean up after the installation, Frank completes every job like it was his own home. He stands behind the products and services he offers, and makes sure you, the customer, is happy with the end result, for each and every roof he installs. Check out the Testimonials, then call Frank at 678.881.0001. Select a true professional, choose Franks Roofing Solutions if you live in the greater Atlanta area.

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