Emergency Roof Repair: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Your roof, no matter how sturdy and resilient it is, was not built to withstand the most extreme storms. High winds and pounding rains, as well as lightning, hail, and fallen trees, can cause catastrophic damage to the vital structure during most major storms. What can you anticipate if you call a Cartersville roofer for emergency roof repair? Let us investigate.

When Should You Call?

Before we get into the details of the repairs, it’s crucial to understand what constitutes a roofing emergency. As previously stated, damage to the building is to be expected during a heavy storm. However, not every injury needs quick intervention. Missing shingles, minor leaks, and overflowing gutters are not considered emergencies. If you call a service provider about such issues during or after a storm, it is doubtful that they would reply promptly. After all, they are concerns that may be addressed at a regular appointment.

As a general rule, when the structure is undermined and enables water intrusion, rapid action is required. To prevent additional interior and structural damage, the service provider will place a temporary protective covering, such as a tarp, in this case. Permanent roof repair might then be done at a later time.

When Should You Expect Service?

Expect a delayed response of your phone during a storm. When severe winds and heavy rain are roaring all around them, there’s little a crew can do. In most circumstances, they must wait for the storm to pass before making house calls. Depending on the extent of the damage and the time of day, the crew may use a tarp to cover the exposed area or do temporary patching. They may, for example, replace missing shingles, minor gaps, and other exposed places with aluminum flashing.

Repairs That are Permanent

It may be hard to restore the roof in a timely manner if there was a fire or a tree fell on it. The entire roof may need to be replaced with a new one if one of these incidents causes structural damage. Before any repair can be done on the structure, inspections must be made to see if a full replacement is necessary.

What to Do Next

If your cellphone is still operational, contact a local professional and request immediate roof repair. As previously said, they are unlikely to be on your doorstep till the storm passes. You can also notify your insurance company about the damage. When you send the estimate for repairs, this may assist to speed the claims process. After the contractor has performed the initial inspection, you should consider your alternatives. All damage must be clearly documented and with photographs. This information must be given to your insurance company as soon as possible.

A Word of Caution

We should also mention that doing any roof repair on your own is a terrible idea. Every year, hundreds of people are badly harmed because they believe they can solve a simple problem with a little elbow grease. Finally, this hazardous task is best left to the pros. This is especially true if the structure has been weakened and requires rapid repair.

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