How to Protect Your Roof from Hail and Wind

During these muggy late-summer days, you may be pining for colder weather, or even dreaming about the possibility of cool, fluffy flurries months away! But a different type of ice from the sky, hail, is much more common in the Atlanta area than its snowy cousinand it can pose a risk of damage to your home, roof and property if not protected against.

Read on to learn more about roof damage from hail and wind, and how to safeguard your space this season.

What is hail?

Despite how common it can be in Atlanta and the surrounding area, hail is still a mystery for many of us! Here are a few key facts to keep in mind when considering hail:

– Hail is associated with thunderstorm-producing cumulonimbus clouds. You probably already recognize these clouds by their familiar anvil shape (and if you spot one, you know that a thunderstormand hailmay not be far away).

– Hail is caused by an updraft of rain into Earths very cold upper atmosphere. On its way back down to Earth, that rain takes the form of solid balls of ice which, depending on size, speed and other factors, can cause damage back down on land.

– Hail can happen in all kinds of weather, including balmy summer days, because it doesnt require the air back near Earth to actually be freezing. Snow, on the other hand, is the result of regular precipitation (water droplets) being frozen into snowflake form during freezing weather. This makes it much lighter, fluffier and just more fun in general!

Create a backup plan for fragile furniture, toys and other outdoor items

One of the simplest steps to safeguarding your property against hail and wind damage is to have a backup plan in place, long before you spot those familiar cumulonimbus clouds. Identify items you may need to bring inside before a severe storm such as glass tabletops, kids toys and other fragile items that can be damaged (or turned into debris) during windy weather.

A newer, damage-free roof is your best defense against hail and wind

While removing fragile items can help prevent smaller-scale damage, the area you are going to be most concerned with is, of course, your roof. The best way to protect your roof against hail and wind damage is to ensure that it is strong, sturdy and free of any preexisting damage which can wear down, age and weaken your structure. Sometimes this might even mean replacing your roof. The team here at Franks Roofing Solutions can help assess your roof to see if repair or replacement would be a better fit for your unique situation! But dont wait for stormy weather to call us overpreventing damage, rather than repairing it, is the best way to protect your home and save on fixes down the line.

Act fast in the event of damage

Of course, sometimes damage happens when youre least expecting it, or before youve had a chance to prepare for itwe completely understand, and can still help you with next steps! After the storm has cleared away, call Franks Roofing Solutions so our certified roof inspector can come to your home and provide a free assessment to help you address your plan (what repairs may be needed, whether or not you need to file a claim, etc.).

It is important to act quickly in this case, though, to prevent further hail or wind damage. This kind of damage can also impact (or void) your manufacturers warranty, and there may be a statute of limitations on processing insurance claims, too, so this is a time-sensitive situation. Save our number, 678-881-0001 so you know exactly who to call when the unexpected arises. We aim to not only provide the expertise you need, but the friendly customer service and support you deserve, especially when dealing with a confusing or concerning situation like storm damage.

Whether you need help inspecting and repairing your home after hail damage, or simply want to safeguard your roof against possible storms down the line, the experienced team here at Franks Roofing Solutions is here and ready to help.