3 Simple Steps for Maintaining Your Home’s Gutter

As we prepare to transition from summer storms to charming fall foliage, one thing remains clear: Gutter maintenance is essential all year long! Though your gutter system may seem unassuming, it is actually plays a vital role in protecting your roof and even your homes interior from leaks, mold and other potential problems.
Fortunately, maintaining a healthy, well-functioning gutter system may be easier than you think! Just read on as we share a few simple yet powerful steps you can take for total peace of mind.

Inspect your gutter regularly

As is the case with virtually all areas of your home, regular observation and inspection can help you avoid many potential problems down the line. Check to see that no areas of your gutter are sagging (suggesting that they are weighed down by clogged water, leaves and other debris), and that there are no leaks or stoppage areas or points of separation from the roof. Even one inch of rainfall can bring down hundreds of gallons of water that need to be diverted, so dont wait for a rainy day to check on your gutter. Look for the issue today so you can plan ahead for tomorrow.
(Tip: Sometimes it can be helpful to get a birds eye view with tools, ladders and a trained eye. Franks Roofing Solutions is happy to help with inspecting your gutter for overall integrity and performance!)

Clean as needed

Even well-functioning gutters can sometimes be overwhelmed by leaves, seeds and other debris, so take some time once in a while to manually clean out this gunk from your gutter. (Tip: Only do this yourself if you are experienced on a ladder and have a friend to help hold the ladder in place and spot you.) After clearing away any gutter buildup, you can gently flush out the gutter with your garden hose to remove any last debris and ensure that everything can flow smoothly, without any hiccups or interruptions.

Repair or replace your system

Sometimes, your gutter may need some additional support by way of repair or total replacement. Fortunately, the team of gutter pros at Franks Roofing Solutions can help. We use only the latest gutter technology and techniques in treating your system, so that your one-time repair or replacement can serve your home for many years to come. Plus, who said gutters couldnt be stylish? Your new gutter can be an opportunity to add some visual interest to your homes exterior, with gutter color options ranging from classic white and neutrals, to homey red, blue and more.

We hope that these tips help you maintain a gutter that protects your home from summer rain, fall leaves and everything Georgia weather brings your way!

Of course, if your gutter has seen better days, the experienced team of roofing and gutter professionals here at Franks Roofing Solutions can help bring it back to life or replace it with a new, well-functioning system, if needed. Just contact us today to learn more and get started.