5 Ways to Protect Your Roof from Summer Storms

Summer is finally hereand while we look forward to sunny days at the beach, Georgia residents must also prepare our homes for the familiar sight of stormy weather, too. For example, did you know that Atlanta receives more average rainfall per year than famously rainy cities like Seattle?

One of the essential steps in safeguarding your home for summer storm season is protecting your roof from potential damage. After all, your roof provides the shelter for your homeso fortifying it with a professional roofing team can help you enjoy peace of mind this summer and all year long. Just read on to discover five simple ways to get started (so you never need to worry about putting a bucket under a leaky roof again)!

Arrange for tree trimming or removal

There are many big benefits to having trees on your propertyfrom the beautiful view to energy savings provided by their leafy shadebut one thing homeowners dont want from their trees is potential damage from uprooting or broken branches. An overgrown tree can be dangerous for your roof, so be sure to consult with your local landscaping professionals to find out if yours needs to be pruned or removed this summer. (Much like roofing, this is one home improvement area you dont want to DIY.)

Remove outdoor debris

During the summer months and all year long, scan your outdoor space for potential debris like fallen branches, heavy stones or even kids toys that may need to be brought inside before a storm to reduce the potential for damage.

Repair damage from the last storm

Here in the greater Atlanta area, were all familiar with hail and heavy rain from big summer storms. These frozen pellets of rain can damage your roof, advance its aging and leave it vulnerable to further damage down the linebut by repairing hails effects on your roof from the last storm, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your roof is better protected against the elements.

A strong roof can stand up to more serious weather, so why not get a free assessment of your current situation to see if repairs are needed? Franks Roofing Solutions can help with this essential step, as we have the insights needed to gauge a roofs potential problem areassince they may not be obvious to you, as a homeowner, right awayand the tools and expertise needed to fix them as well.

Maintain a healthy gutter system, too

Your roof and gutter work in tandem to shelter your home and prevent rainwater from collecting and causing damageso in addition to repairing or replacing your homes roof, be sure to ask Franks Roofing Solutions about doing the same for your gutter! You can help prepare your gutter for the storm with regular cleaning and inspection, keeping an eye out for leaks and potential blocked areas that we can help remediate in preparation for the next storm.

Consider your coverage

In addition to physically preparing your home for summer storms, check that your insurance coverage is in tact and able to protect your home from the financial effects of damage, too. Wondering if you should file a claim after a storm? Franks Roofing Solutions can help you make this decision, providing free storm damage inspection to assess your roof for potential problems and helping you file a claim. Were with you at every step of the way, even attending your adjuster appointment to ensure a thorough assessment of all damages.

We hope that these tips help you prepare your roof for summer storms, achieving a safe, peaceful place to call home in the process! When it comes time to protect your roof from leaks and other serious issues, dont reach for a bucket, pot or bowl to catch leaking waterinstead, give the team at Franks Roofing Solutions a call at 678-881-0001. With more than 35 years of combined experience in all realms of construction and remodeling, we have the tools and expertise needed to replace or repair your roof for serious peace of mind.