Frank's Roofing Solutions is an experienced roofing company and your go-to roofer that also provides assistance with roof damage insurance claims in the Atlanta area.

Filing insurance claims is a complex task that most homeowners find time-consuming, complicated, and even stressful. Franks Roofing Solutions understands that and that is why we offer all our clients professional assistance throughout the process.

As we are dedicated and experienced in dealing with your roofing systems, we are equally dedicated and provide the same amount of expertise, care, and attention to making your insurance claim process as easier and as stress-free as possible.

Insurance Claim Process

When a strong storm hits your area or your town in Atlanta, there is a high possibility that your roof has experienced some damage. Franks Roofing Solutions will conduct an inspection to check whether those damages warrant contacting your insurance company and whether you should file a claim.

We will assist you with your insurance claim through the following main steps:

1. Free Storm Damage Inspection
We will first come and conduct a detailed free inspection of all the parts of the roof, providing you with a detailed report of all the damages, whether minor or major. It is important to take into account even the smallest damages to your shingles as they can develop into much bigger ones.

Apart from that, it is also important that you call us as soon as possible so that your insurance claim process can also start immediately, as many insurance companies have a strict timeline for filing the claim after a storm.

2. Contacting the Insurance Company
After that, we will help you file the claim, whether it is online or by phone, and assist you in answering all their questions, from the date when the storm happened to the extent of the damages on your property. You can also use the inspection report that we have provided you to help you in this step.

3. Adjuster Appointment
Once the claim is filed, the adjuster from the insurance company will contact you and set up an appointment. This is the most important step and it is very important that we are present at the appointment as well. We will help them measure the roof and make sure that they see and check all the damages.

In the end, they will give their recommendation and we will compare our findings. If there are any disagreements with our original findings, we will inquire further and ask for clarifications. We will make sure you get reimbursed for the needed repairs if your roof qualifies for reimbursement.

4. Approval and Repairs
Once your roof is approved, you will receive an estimate and the payment will be divided into two or more smaller checks. We will then do the needed roofing repairs and make sure to provide your insurance company with all the paperwork and invoices they need in order to release the funds.

With us, you dont have to worry about anything because we have got you covered every step of the way. We are experienced in dealing with roofing insurance claims and we will take care of every single detail, saving you from the stress and the worry.

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