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The Atlanta area has tough weather conditions, and our homes are prone to experiencing damage caused by both hail and wind. Do you know if you have damage? If not, wouldn't you like to know? Don't wait for "symptoms" like water leaks, creating spots and mold on your walls & ceiling to occur before you contact a professional to diagnose and/or repair the damage. Call Frank's Roofing Solutions today at 678.881.0001 for your free estimate!

The Top 3 Hail and Wind facts that you should know:

  • Hail and/or Wind damage accelerates the aging process of the roof.
  • Hail and/or Wind damage can void the manufacturer warranty.
  • Insurance companies have a statute of limitations in order to process a claim for Hail and/or Wind Damage.

Frequently Asked Questions by
homeowners about Hail and Wind Damage

What should I do if my home has been hit by hail?
We recommend that you immediately call a Certified Roof Inspector that works with a Licensed and Insured General Contractor, and ask for a FREE assessment of your home. If there is any visible interior water damage, please verify that the company you call provides EMERGENCY SERVICES, such as roof tarping and water remediation services.

Should I always make an insurance claim on all damage?
It depends on the extent of the damage, your deductible, and your previous history of homeowner claims.

How do I find a reputable company to evaluate my roof?
You already have. We have over 21 years of experience in the roofing and home remodeling and can work with you, and your insurance company, to repair or replace your roof.

Whether it's us, or another company, look for a company that has the following:
  • Physical offices and employees in the state of Georgia
  • Georgia Business License
  • General Liability and Workers Compensation bought for the Georgia Offices
  • Certified Inspectors

What is a Certified Inspector?

The Certified Inspector is professionally trained to be proficient with all major types of residential (steep-slope) roofs. They understand how hail and wind interact with roofing, inspection safety techniques, roof area calculations, and applicable codes. They have a comprehensive understanding of manufacture, installation, weathering, hail damage, wind damage, maintenance, mechanical damage, and repair costs for each major roofing type composition, wood shingle/shake, concrete and clay tile, asbestos, fiber cement, and various synthetic, slate, and metal roofing types.
The Atlanta area is prone to hail and wind damage. Dont wait to repair the damage...
call Frank's Roofing Solutions today at 678. 881. 0001 for your free estimate!
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