Get The Roof You Want Today!

Franks Roofing Solutions is very proud to offer affordable financing options to our customers through Home Improvement Loan Pro®, through AMS Financial. Our financing program is designed to help you fulfill your immediate roofing gutter and siding needs. There is no need to have an immediate or significant impact on your bank account and finances. Whether you're looking to minimize your payments for your new roof, or simply need a little more time to come up with the full investment for your project, we have a financing solution that will work for you.

Our financing program could not be more simple to use. Simply click on on the banner and you will be directed to our branded Home Improvement Loan Pro® portal. Here, you will fill out some basic information, select from various providers, and be on your way. Your application takes less than a few minutes to fill out, and your approval notification is almost instantaneous, usually about 30 seconds.

If you have questions regarding financing your new roof, give us a call. We'll be happy to discuss options with you over the phone, or in person.

Reasons To Finance A New Roof

There are several reasons to finance and install a new roof. You may need to repair storm damage, wish to increase your home value, or need to replace a worn roof. Whatever the reason, hire a professional like Frank's

Over time, your roof takes a significant beating. You can expect your roof to last somewhere around 20 years. We understand that replacing your roof is a big investment. This is why our experienced roofing professionals will provide you with a high quality system that will give you peace of mind. From the roofing installation to the cleanup, you've come to the right place for roofing services in the metro Atlanta area.